Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In my last post, I discussed on what Giftobit is all about and how it works. That was when the company is still in pre-launch.
You can read it HERE
The long awaited Giftobit goes live and working perfectly well. The craziest part of it is that people have started earning bitcoins on the first day of the Launch.

See image bellow:

So how do one make money on Giftobit?

Giftobit is a Powerful force matrix company.
It is a matrix money making system where everyone earns Bitcoin daily based on your position in the matrix.
It Cost only a one time investment of 0.06 bitcoin which you will use to purchase you education package that teaches about criptocurrencies.

Once you register and purchase your education package with 0.06  bitcoin, You are placed in position 1 in the matrix. You will start receiving bitcoins allocated for those in position 1 in the matrix.

You can increase in position when you refer other people to register with your Link.


Before You are placed in the giftobit matrix which qualifies you for receiving bitcoin daily, You must purchase the Education package worth 0.06 bitcoin which is $37.

>> Register on Giftobit Here
>> Fund your bitcoin wallet with 0.06 bitcoin. If you don't have a bitcoin wallet account , You can create one now at
>> Login to your Giftobit account, You will see a pop-up window requesting you to purchase an education package. Simply , check the small box and click purchase.
>>You will be given a bitcoin wallet address where you will transfer your 0.06 bitcoin from your blockchain wallet.
>> Once the purchase has been confirmed, you will be placed in position 1 in the matrix and you will start receiving bitcoin contributions.

You need 5 paid referrals to move from position 1 in the matrix to Position 2.


I know many of you hate referral programs and will start asking the question above.. What if I didn't refer anyone will I still earn from Giftobit..?
The Answer is a Big Yes...

You can earn money without referring, but you earn more by referring people to this amazing opportunity, as you get a new position for every 5 paid refs. If you believe in what Giftobit is all about, then I am sure you will share with your friends anyway.

it is a company forced matrix. Refs will not go straight under you. For each 5 referrals, you get a new position in the matrix. If it's not yet clear to you Please watch the "How It Works" video on the homepage. Secure Your Position in Giftobit HERE

Chat me up on WhatsApp with +2348066597886 So I can add you to my Giftobit WhatsApp group.
Fell free to ask any question by commenting in this post.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Start your education "The FUTURE OF MONEY" Now!!
Just 1 small contribution of 0.05 BTC is all you need to take that 1st step towards changing your future today and helping change the life of another person less fortunate than you... Register Free Here Now Find out more Bellow: 

With GIFTOBIT you could receive 100’s of dollars worth of Bitcoin into your account in a very short time and the amounts will continue to grow day by day. People from all around the world will gladly send you contributions.

GIFTOBIT Changing The World Bit By Bit.

Imagine if every person on the planet gave you $1.00. It wouldn’t be difficult for them and you would immediately become a billionaire. Now that sounds great but the question is. How could you possibly encourage them to do that?

Well all brilliant ideas are simple, by becoming a member and by supporting the International Philanthropic Projects of GIFTOBIT

you could receive 100’s of dollars worth of Bitcoin into your account in a very short time and the amounts will continue to grow day by day. People from all around the world will gladly send you contributions.


You're helping to Change The World Bit By Bit
To do this, it is necessary to register on the community's website through an invitation from another member.
Become a part of the growing community of members, from around the world and start supporting our Philanthropic projects. All of them have purchased our Crypto Currency Education package and entered into the Plan A Self Compounding Team Build Matrix.

Once you have entered the Team Build Matrix, you will start to receive Bitcoin contributions from members all around the world. To participate in the growth of the Team Build Matrix, we ask you to use your personal referral link and invite family and friends to join Giftobit.

Giving is Rewarded in GIFTOBIT . The concept of Giving Should Be Rewarded is the basis of the international Philanthropic Project concept movement of GIFTOBIT. This effective solution allows each member to send thousands of dollars worth of Bitcoin to our projects within only a few weeks of purchasing our Crypto Currency Education package and receiving Bitcoin contributions from other members all around the world.

A steadily increasing income is generated by the self-compounding Matrix System!
GIFTOBIT Is The Big Program Changing The World 
You earn in a Company Forced Bitcoin Matrix.

This is a one-time purchase of 0.06 in Bitcoin. The site is fully automated. All you need to do is purchase ONE TIME and you are done.

This is a very well designed program that took months to create.

You cycle through 3 sets of 5x3 Company Forced Matrices. There are a lot of re-entries so you earn again and again.

Each time you cycle through you earn back about $17,000!

You can withdraw 75% of your income. The remaining 25% is donated to charity. It is always good to give to charity.

This is a pre-launch. You can create your account now and make your deposit when the site fully launches.


Watch the Video bellow to learn more about the program...
If you have registered through the Link above.. chat me on whatsapp with +2348066597886 let me add you to my Giftobit whatsapp group

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Laptop vs. Desktop PC: What To Choose
Nowadays you can hardly imagine a home without at least one computer device. About a decade ago most of the devices were traditional desktop computers, but since those times laptops have gotten a huge boost in popularity. Both types of computers have their own advantages and drawbacks, and today we’ll help you figure out which one is the right for you.

You have a dozens of ways to shop for a new laptop or a desktop, but shopping on Jiji, one of the largest Nigerian marketplaces, can help you save a lot of money while still enjoying flawless service and excellent quality of the goods. Browse the selection of computers and laptops on Jiji and find your ideal device today!

Desktop PC advantages
Here is why a desktop PC may be a better choice compared to a laptop:

  • More power - although laptops have come a long way, high-end desktop computers are nearly always more powerful than expensive laptops, which is crucial for gamers, designers, programmers, video editors, and many other users.
  • Easier upgrades - whenever you want to add more power to your computer, change the graphics card or expand RAM, you can do it by simply opening up your PC case and installing the newer piece of hardware. Hardware upgrades on laptops, on the contrary, require much more work and technical skills.
  • Better controls - every desktop PC comes with a keyboard and a mouse that are incredibly comfortable to use. Laptop keyboards usually have smaller keys, which is less comfortable for some users. Plus, smaller laptops miss the number pad on the right, which is why it can take you a while to get adjusted to a laptop keyboard.
Laptop vs. Desktop PC: What To Choose

Laptop advantages 
  • Portability - out of all computer-related devices, there is not a single one that is as easy to transport as a laptop. You can take your laptop anywhere while still being able to enjoy all of the benefits of a computer, which is not something you can experience with a tablet or other portable device.
  • Easy use - all it takes for a laptop to start working is for you to press the start button, given that your laptop is fully charged. Compared to a desktop PC, which requires a dozen of cables to be plugged in before you can turn it on, it’s definitely a quicker and more efficient way to get straight to work.
  • Screen size - unless you’re planning to get a mini-laptop with a 10-12 inch screen, a normal-sized laptop has the right screen size for most users. The majority of laptops produced today have a 15-16 inch screen that allows you to do all kinds of work while still enjoying the ultimate portability of the device. Plus, if you need a bigger screen size for work, you can always connect your laptop to an external monitor.
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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Online Marketing Business In Nigeria

Starting an online marketing business in Nigeria to some people is a big challenge. This is because when you talk about Online marketing many things are put into consideration such as what to promote/ market , how to get started, Hosting, domain name, Lead capture pages otherwise known as Landing page. All these criteria stated above are really necessary when starting an Online marketing Business.
Today I'm going to show you how to start your own online marketing business in Nigeria for almost free. As you read further, You will discover how you can have access to over 150 free Lead capture pages for your online marketing business which comes with hosting and domain.

How To Start Online Marketing Business With Online Sales Pro (OSP)

Many of my facebook friends might have seen my updates about Online Sales Pro, few have also contacted me to know more about how it works. Here I will give you a little explanation on what OSP is, how it works and how you can make good money with and most especially how you can start your online marketing business in Nigeria for almost free via Online Sales Pro.

So What Is Online Sales Pro.
You know why there's so many people making thousands of dollars quickly? cause they use OSP, Exitus and other affiliate networking programs combined with a social media marketing strategy for getting quality leads.  

Online Sales Pro is a sales funnel/lead conversion program that all the big Internet marketers and  earners use . It has really good educational resources and features for better email marketing and sales funneling. They also have affiliate program which allows you to make $20 per sign-up referral you make, it's really goo to start.

They show you how to promote on Facebook, Google, twitter and I think pinterest (i just started and still learning myself) OSP has tutorials and resources to explain how to get leads. They call it organic marketing. they also talk about traffic. OSP creates the funnel pages for you, and there's two ways to use it: 
1. Promoting the system itself: That is by becoming an affiliate where you earn $20 commission every month on any member you refer into the program.

2. Promoting your own product: This is made possible by the use of their free landing pages for your lead capturing. You will get to have access to your Leads which include, their names, Email address and Phone Numbers. With this you are set to start your Online marketing by promoting your own product to your email subscribers

How To Start Online Marketing Business In Nigeria For Free

Actually the System costs Just $37 to join and have access to all the marketing tools you need and also to make money with their affiliate program. All you need is just $37 and you are good to go. You don't have to worry about Hosting or creating a landing page.

Click HERE to Join Now.
When you sign up, it will say if you want to upgrade. Say no, you want $37/month. Create a sub-domain ( Your, you can also get a custom domain name and redirect it to your lead capture page, After you enter paying option, fill out tax form and upload (or do it via adobe to sign digitally and upload) and then affiliate link will be ready.
You can also integrate your aweber account with the system

I will have to stop here, I will still write more article about Online Sales Pro for better understanding. Please use the comment box if you have any question, I will gladly reply you.
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Monday, August 22, 2016

Best 4 Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free

Hello guys, It’s been a while I updated this blog, this is because of some private reasons and tight schedules.Ok today I will be treating a very disturbing Topic which answers the question always asked by those that want to start up a blog. “The new bloggers” So I will be writing on the Best 4 Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free. Many people always inbox me on facebook asking what is the best blogging platform to start a blog with low cost? So I have decided to make a post on it today.
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Friday, February 5, 2016

The facebook share button picking the wrong post thumbnail has been a great problem for many bloggers.
 So have you noticed an incorrect facebook share button post thumbnail showing up when you share your articles on Facebook? I have gotten some emails and complains from my readers and in this article, I will help you fix the facebook incorrect thumbnail issue in Blogger.
Facebook Incorrect Post Thumbnail Issue in Blogger

But first of all Let us look at:

Why Facebook is Not Picking up The right Thumbnail Image

Facebook post share button not picking up the right thumbnail has many reasons. One of the first most common reason is having multiple images set in the og:image tag where you have your featured image smaller than rest of your other images in Wordpress Blogger but for the purpose of this course, I will focus on  How to fix Facebook Incorrect Post Thumbnail Issue in blogspot Blogger.
The Second reason why Facebook post share button not picking up the right thumbnail could be from your blogger template. Many blogger template developers makes some silly errors and do not perform very well in XML or html coding and thereby compound a crappy blogger templates with errors. And when a newbie downloads these templates, they will be faced with this type of problem. So your non premium blogger template can also be  reason for this issue because of  its wrong coding by unprofessional developers and webmasters.
So how do we solve this problem?

How To Fix Facebook Wrong Picture Thumbnail Issue In Blogger Template

To fix this problem, Follow the steps bellow, you have to add some codes to your blogger template. So follow the below given simple steps to Avoid No Thumbnail Issue While Sharing Post on Facebook.
  • Go to your blogger dashboard:
  • Remember to back up your Template.
  • Go to Template >> Edit >>Html:
  • Press CTRL  F
  • And look for  <head> tag  In the template:
  • Now Paste the bellow code just after the  <head> tag:
<meta content='article' property='og:type'/><meta expr:content='data:blog.postImageThumbnailUrl' property='og:image'/><meta expr:content='data:blog.title' property='og:site_name'/><meta expr:content='data:blog.pageName' property='og:title'/><b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'><meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/></b:if>
Facebook Incorrect,Post Thumbnail

  • Save Your Template

What You should know After Customization

Just before ending this post I think you should know this important Tips.
After correcting this problem of  Facebook Incorrect Post Thumbnail Issue in Blogger all your new posts from now will show correct picture thumbnail in facebook whenever you share the post.
You have to wait for like 3 to 4 days for your old posts to the correct Post thumbnail. Also note that you have to add the same code each time you change your blogger template.

Bonus tips and tricks To Show Right Post Image Thumbnail In Facebook

  • I just felt like sharing these basic blogger tips and tricks that will guide you on how to insert image in the right way inside blogger post. 
  • recommend you use PNG format for your main post image. Then you can use JPG image format for the rest of image you will insert in your post. 
  •  Make you of image tags and do not resize your image automatically inside your post.
  • Share your post on face immediately after publishing.

Hope I have been able to help you through this article to resolve Facebook incorrect / no thumbnail issue in Blogger.  I know how frustrating this problem is, after composing your post, now to share to facebook which is a big source of traffic, and you got yourself stuck on this issue. Well I believe you have found solution today.
Please comment is it worked for you. If you still have any issue on this please do not hesitate to use the comment box.  
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